Are you planning to purchase an attic apartment in Prague?

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Some people dream of living in attic apartment. However there are also people who think it is more of a nightmare and only a makeshift place to live. The truth is that attic has its magic but beware whether the place fulfils the criteria for living. Also make sure there is enough daylight.

Not in every attic it is possible to live
Apartment 1Before you decide for sale and purchase of real property it is good to get some information.

If you want to purchase attic space and turn it into an apartment you have to know the parameters. 

In order to be able to live in the attic you have to plan everything according to the given rules.One of the rules is a height of the room. For apartment house the height is minimally 260 cm. In the attic the norms are less strict and allow height of 230 cm. If you are planning changes you simply have to follow all these criteria.

Is it possible to survive summer in the attic?

Attic space in summer? You probably think about stuffy and heavy air and heat. These are probably memories you have from the visit. Is it possible to live there? Moreover the question is whether it is possible to avoid it somehow.

Fortunately this can be influenced. It is necessary to choose the right roof deck, lighter roofing and ventilate often, or you can get air conditioning as well. Also don’t forget about winter season and to insulate the roof.

Thanks to the insulation you can avoid heat leakage and also precipitation which leads to molds. Don’t be afraid and try to visit real estate agencies which will surely offer you some attic space.

Light is important for your comfort

Are you interested in apartments for sale? Either it is classical or attic apartment it is necessary to have enough daylight. The size of windows is crucial.

Windows too large might lead to heat loss in winter and in summer to overheating. Small windows aren’t suitable due to the lack of light which leads to psychical discomfort. To have sufficient view it is good to have at least one sky – light.


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