Are you thinking about new floor in an apartment or a house?

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When you furnish a new place to live you want to do it according to your taste. The best is to start from floor. Proper floor can rid you of unpleasant troubles. Besides that it can rid you of cold feet feeling it can also muffle noises. That means you won’t disturb your neighbors underneath and at the same time that they won’t disturb you as well. That is very favorable especially in an apartment.

Carpet into children’s room? Why not
FloorCarpets used to be very trendy floor covering. They were soft and the feet didn’t freeze on them however the maintenance wasn’t so easy. 

Which lead to the fact that they disappeared from the households for some time and people used only small rugs. However with new technologies also new materials came. Now on the market you can get carpets which can be maintained as well as floor because they are washable.

Compared to their predecessors mite and dust don’t settle in them. New apartments in Prague have these carpets laid mostly in rooms for children because especially children are very vulnerable to catching cold and keep forgetting to wear house footwear.

Laminate floor doesn’t hurt

Laminate floors have undergone significant changes. Nowadays laminate floor is indistinguishable from the wooden one, unfortunately it still doesn’t have such endurance.

For it they are much durable against grazes and scratches. Also compared to wooden floors they are more water resistant. Therefore they are suitable also for bathrooms. Development projects often use them because developers can choose from wide variety of designs.

Wooden floor is evergreen

For manufacturing wooden floors hard wood was always used because it is unbelievably durable. Wooden floors insulate heat and have long economic life, especially floors from massive.

Moreover they are very aesthetical. Some houses for sale have floor covered with so called parquets which create wooden mosaic. These floors are functional, can be easily maintained and are very modern nowadays.


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