How to arrange interior of a small apartment?

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“Lack of space” is a nightmare of every apartment, especially when you don’t have an option of moving into larger place or reduce most of the things. Even from a small space you can create very cozy place, you only have to think more purposefully while choosing furniture and additional storage spaces. Larger clean – out often helps a lot. Take how many things you store without needing them. Make some time, get inspiration and create beautiful living without permanent tripping over things.

So the apartment doesn’t swallow you up
Malý bytSmaller one – room apartment has to be arranged very purposefully because you can’t afford the luxury of having too many things. 

Small apartments for sale are the most sought out thanks to their price. Hardly anybody thinks into the future to realize that empty walls and empty cabinets don’t do much of a show. And where will you store all your things? 

Unsightly boxes in the middle of the room or overstuffed wardrobes, in which you can’t know what is what, aren’t very pleasant.

Already with purchase of an apartment you should think about the space arrangement. In your mind try to set up where would you store your things, which furniture you have or which you want to buy. It can help you while choosing.

Clean – out of closet helps

Moving into a new place is usually the best opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things. If you haven’t worn some clothes for more than a year then it is a good reason to donate them.

Believe that when you move in you will not feel up to it. The same applies to the equipment. Memories and presents are of course an exception but to be frank – do you really need to have three blenders?

Prague real estate is more expensive than in other locations, but you can also get a small two – room apartment, where you can’t throw parties but can nicely live. And all your things will fit in there.

Get some inspiration

Real property advisor isn’t only a well of good advices regarding sale and purchase of real property. You can also find there great tips how to deal with interior. Also storage spaces can look great and in design.


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