How to organize a home library?

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A small apartment and love for books are often hardly possible to combine. If you love books then you for sure know it is a very costly hobby especially where space is concerned. But library doesn’t have to be only made of many shelved without an idea and inspiration. You can let world designers inspire you or you can create a library according to your ideas and options. Also it depends on how much space are you willing to spare.

Small apartment isn’t a handicap
LibraryLibrary in a small apartment might seem as unnecessary luxury. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. 

Even in a small space you can create an ideal place for your books. 

Only you need to think more about it.Offered apartments for rent are available in various sizes. The most demanded are apartments 2+1. 

There is at least a slight chance that a library will comfortably fit. However if circumstances don’t allow you that, even in a studio it is possible to create beautiful design place for your books.

Just to your taste

Of course it depends on the number of books which you own but library doesn’t have to look like the one you know from the city library. 

There are usually many bookshelves without an idea where the books are purposefully ranked.If you follow the current trends you know that now asymmetrical and atypical libraries are in. 

Active development projects allow for this trend.Their marketed real property is built functionally and practically. At the same time it offers space for imagination and taste of the new tenants. That way you can create home and library according to your dreams.

To feel like at home

Prague living offers various real property for rent or sale. You can decide up to your options and requirements. Find yourself a place where you will be completely satisfied.Library is one of the elements which cause the homely effect. 

Moreover the library doesn’t have to be filled in only by books. Nice combination can be for example books, candles, pictures etc.

There are no limits for imagination. The most important thing in the new apartment is to feel at home. It doesn’t matter whether you follow the current trends or not.


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