How to paint a new apartment?

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An apartment should reflect the personality. Only space which is in perfect harmony with you can become your harbor. Therefore it is wise to think through in which style you will furnish your home. One of the most important things is a suitable color of your walls.

Be careful with shades
ColoursSnow white walls in every apartment recommended by real property advisor are already out. Your new home deserves much better decoration. Of course choice of colors is a matter of subjective opinion.

However you should keep some rules. One of them is proper choice of color shades. Nowadays you can have your walls painted in any color but you should know which shades suit which rooms.

Into small rooms it is better to choose light pastel shades. Thanks to that the space will be optically larger and will be much cozier. In larger rooms you can use darker shades.

Tame the color witchcraft

Every small child knows that colors influence our psychic. But people forget about the magical power of colors. At the same time thanks to colors you can conjure up literally relaxing center from your home.

As an inspiration you can use development projects where designers work with the colors. Red color for example is a color which drives people to action. On the other hand it might be even aggressive on some individuals.

Green color is a color of focus and quiet, therefore it is recommended for children’s room or studies. Light blue is a color which evokes cleanliness, freshness and quiet dreams. For these qualities it is suitable for bedrooms or relaxing rooms.

When you want to have something different

Prague real estate offer apartments painted only white. White color lightens up the space as it reflects daylight but it gets boring very fast.

Try to experiment and make the walls your paint canvas. If you don’t trust yourself, try to leave it up to professional decorators, or you can use wall stickers. They are sold in many designs and color combinations.


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